Unite People, Process & Technology to Deliver Smarter, Efficient, Connected Project Lifecycles Uncovering How to Best Integrate New Tools to Maximize Profitability, Productivity, Quality & Efficiency for Project Teams

As a technology, design or construction leader, you’ll see the many inefficiencies that exist in the daily tasks of your team. However, it’s not as easy as plugging and playing a new technology to fix these problems.

That’s why this year, Advancing Construction Technology is returning as Advancing AECO Technology Transformation to ensure you have the right culture, resources, workflows and tools in place across the AEC value chain to transform productivity and profitability, and better deliver quality services to your clients.

Cut through the hype and get to the bottom of what is happening now with technology and innovation from schematic design through facilities handover.

Whether you are focused on the integration, application, or innovation of tools, workflows, and ways of thinking across your company, join us online in August to get the tools and insight you need to take your project services to the next level.

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"I've been to this conference every year since it started. So far, it has been incredibly well done each time. The speakers are open and willing to share failures as well as successes, and none of the presentations devolve into bland or unsubstantial attempts to brag about particular projects without communicating anything of benefit to listeners. I've gained insight and ideas from every presentation I've listened to every year, and I look forward to coming back." – Joeris General Contractors