Transform Your Processes & Technology to Advance Profitability & Productivity in The Post COVID-19 World

With COVID-19 transforming business as we know it the deep structural problems which already existed of a lack of technological integration, physical design dependence, broken workflows and technological cultural resistance have been brutally exposed.

As a technology leader you will have seen these problems long ago and perhaps expected more time to overcome them. However, the time for rigorous pilots and long-term testing is no longer available and you need to fast track your organization's transformation into a technologically savvy company.

That is why Advancing AECO Technology Transformation 2020 is taking place as a virtual conference in August with 60+ top speakers to ensure you can navigate this transformation.

With specific streams of tailored content for BIM, Integration, Application & Innovation, this event offers something for every member of your team to accelerate your technological transformation and benefit from 3 days of networking and presentations with industry leaders.

Cut through the hype and get to the bottom of what is happening right now, understanding innovations from schematic design through to facilities handover.

Join us in August to get the tools and insight which can help transform your organization and make you a leader in the post COVID-19 world.

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"I've been to this conference every year since it started. So far, it has been incredibly well done each time. The speakers are open and willing to share failures as well as successes, and none of the presentations devolve into bland or unsubstantial attempts to brag about particular projects without communicating anything of benefit to listeners. I've gained insight and ideas from every presentation I've listened to every year, and I look forward to coming back." – Joeris General Contractors