Creating a Single AEC Workflow

7:30 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

7:40 am Keynote: Promoting Highly Collaborative, VDC Enabled Project Delivery Across All Contract Types

  • Jacob D’Albora AVP & Director of BIM – FM Services, McVeigh & Mangum Engineering Inc


Walking through the different workflows of DBB through IPD project delivery types, this session will discuss the different tools and workflows currently streamlining AEC processes as we:

  • Explore current industry trends in project delivery and appetite for construction technology: Where are we seeing most success and moving towards VDC enabled project delivery?
  • Think outside the box to see how teams are pursuing collaboration and integration despite contract delivery type
  • Assess the barriers outside of contracting that are still challenging further integration of AEC workflows and how this is changing in the advent of advanced technology
  • Discuss how traditional contracts and specifications limit integration and innovation and the small tweaks that can be made to help mitigate risk and encourage mutual trust between partners

8:20 am Technology, the Enabler: How Can Each Partner Best Assist One Another to Streamline Efforts from Project Inception Through Completion?

  • Nick Cameron Director of Digital Practice, Perkins and Will
  • Matt Vanture VDC Manager, The Whiting- Turner Contracting Company
  • Eddie Rivers Director of BIM & VDC, Roy Anderson Corporation
  • Travis Voss Leader of Innovative Technology, Mechanical Inc


  • Exploring what each project partner needs from a more collaborative AEC workflow to maximize your role
  • Discussing how the various stakeholders can best support one another to maximize the use of collaborative technologies
  • Revealing initiatives that are already being explored by teams to bridge the gap from design through construction
  • Benchmarking how the AIA and similar associations can improve standard contracts to facilitate more collaborative workflows

9:30 am
Speed Networking & Morning Refreshments

Track 1: Integration
Chaired by Jim Bedrick, AEC Process Engineering
Seamlessly Weaving Design & Construction

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Track 2: Application
Chaired by John Tocci Jr, PCL Construction
‘Blurring the Line’ Between Technology & Operations

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Track 3: Innovation
Chaired by Benjamin Crosby, W.G. Yates & Sons Construction
Upping the Stakes with R&D

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10.20 Panel: Bringing Technology into the Conversation Earlier to Maximize Alignment & Efficiency of the Entire Team

Josh Molitor, National Director of VDC, McCarthy Building Companies
Eric Whobrey, Technology Manager, ARCO/Murray
Brian Athey, Director of Construction Innovation, Miron Construction Inc
Judd Fuoto, Lead Solutions Analyst, Southland Industries

10.20 Advancing Collaboration Between Technology & Operations Teams to Optimize Technology Implementation Strategies

Doug Heinrich, Estimating Director, Mortenson

10.20 Case Study: Building the Business Case for Dedicated Innovation Resources

Tyler Williams, Senior Superintendent & Innovation Core Group Leader, DPR Construction

11.10 Laying the Foundations for Collaboration: What Needs to Be Done to Get off to the Best Start in Planning & Design to Align Trust, Transparency & Understanding to Streamline Project Delivery?

Jayme Couchene, Project Development Director, The Boldt Company

11.10 Case Study: Harnessing the Power of Big Data & Computer Vision to Plot Project Trends & Enhance Predictive Decision Making

Chris Heger, Chief Innovation Officer, OAC Inc.
Mani Golparvar Fard, Associate Professor & Faculty Entrepreneurial Fellow, University of Illinois

11.10 A Consortium of Builders, Owners & Innovators Applying New Technology & Processes Innovations to Transform Facility Planning, Design & Cost Management

Doug Heinrich, Estimating Director, Mortenson
Sue Klawans, Principal, SK Lean

11.50 Exploring How Fast-Tracked Projects Are Automating Coordination Processes to Streamline Design Through Construction Collaboration Workflows

Ryan Camer, Director of Virtual Construction, Haskell


12:20 pm
Lunch Break

Leveraging Cloud Sharing Technology to Take Integration to the Next Level

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Developing Advanced Project Services

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Piloting, Scaling & Integrating for Maximum Impact

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1.10 NextGen Collaboration: Rethinking Partnerships, Data Sharing & Workflows to Harness CuttingEdge Collaboration & Revitalize the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air & Space Museum

Billy McReynolds, BIM Manager, Smithsonian Institution
Robert Fink, Associate & Design Technology Director,Quinn Evans
Jack Moran, Manager of VDC Services, Consigli Construction
Jason Krumins, VDC/MEP Manager, Consigli Construction

1:10 Developing More Consistent Standards for Selecting & Tracking ROI of New Technologies to Improve Piloting Success

Kelli Lubeley, BIM Program Manager, Cupertino Electric

1.10 Developing an Effective Piloting Strategy to Benchmark & Assess the Best Tools for Your Organization

Benjamin Crosby, Director of BIM/VDC, W.G. Yates & Sons Construction

1.50 Panel: Moving Towards Data Democratization & the Creation of Open File Sharing Standards to Build More Efficient Projects from Start to Finish

Nathan Wood, Executive Director, Construction Progress Coalition
Travis Voss, Leader of Innovative Technology, Mechanical Inc
Alison Hart, Manager of Project Solutions, Mortenson
Satyam Verma, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Pype

1.50 Case Study: Harnessing Reality Capture Tools to Verify Field Installations

Jeff Edwards, Assistant VDC Manager, The WhitingTurner Contracting Company

1.50 Optimizing the Standardization & Scaling of Emerging Technology Adoption Across All Regions

Eric Whobrey, Technology Manager, ARCO/Murray

2.40 Standardizing Elements of Reality Capture

Jonathan Koller, BIM Technician, IKERD

2.50 Striking the Balance Between Technology Integration & Human Interaction in the Digital Age

Mark Sands, Founder, Building CATALYST

2.50 Breakouts: Analyzing the Potential for Jobsite Sensors to Improve Jobsite Awareness, Safety & Equipment Management


2.50 Aligning Security with Business Innovation: Moving from Information Technology to Innovation Technology

Jeremy Sibert, Director of Technology, Hensel Phelps
Dustin Morris, Cybersecurity Manager, Hensel Phelp

3:30 pm
Afternoon Refreshments

Integration Workshop

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Application Workshop

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Innovation Workshop

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4.00 Fostering Highly Effective Collaboration: What Are the Best Tools & Techniques That Produce Innovation?

Jim Bedrick, Principal, AEC Process Engineering

4.00 Overcoming the Limitations of Jobsite Connectivity: What Are the Best Options for You?

Michael Perdue, Project Manager - Technology Initiatives, IKERD

4.00 Innovation in the Right Direction: How Can You Ensure You Match Technology & Innovation Initiatives with the Needs of Your Organization?

Nichole Carter, Implementation & Adoption Manager, Big-D Construction

5:00 pm
End of Day One