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Understanding Owner’s Needs for Design & Construction Deliverables

8:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Nathan Wood Executive Director, Construction Progress Coalition

8:10 am From Pre-Development Through Facilities Maintenance: How Can Having a Stake in Every Stage of The Process Ease Transition Through Building Operations?

8:50 am Panel: What Do Owners Want & Need from Their Design & Construction Partners to Advance the Use of Project Data for Asset Management?


  • Understanding the technology skills and capabilities that owners look for in design and construction partners during team selection that help construction leaders meet the goals of their own decision makers
  • Discovering the ultimate goals of asset managers when using BIM data and how they want to access this to determine how AEC teams must collect and structure project insights to actually make a difference through the building lifecycle: How far does this extend beyond MEP equipment tagging?
  • Reviewing how owners are better working with AEC partners to optimize specifications and work through the construction lifecycle ensure the highest quality, structured data is handed over
  • Highlighting the common challenges owners are facing with their design and construction partners to feed in and manage data through facilities management and what more can be done by the AEC industry to support FM teams

09:30 am Morning 1-2-1 Digital Networking


The Role of the Owner


 Chaired by Nathan Wood, Construction Progress Coalition

Connecting Owners & Contractors on the Path to Innovation

10.00 Case Study: Working with Less Advanced Design & Construction Partners to Produce High Quality Deliverables

Michael Dulaney, BIM Manager, UCHealth

10.00 Exploring the Role of the Owner in AEC Innovation: How Can We Develop Contracts & Specifications to Accelerate Industry-wide Innovation?

Mark Sands, Founder, Building CATALYST
Sue Klawans, Principal, SK Lean

11.00 Panel: Exploring the Potential for AEC Partners to Develop Long-Term Service Agreements With Owners & Enhance the Support of Advanced Technologies Throughout the Building Lifecycle

Moderator: Ted Mort, Chief Innovation Officer, ZELUS
Alex Belkofer, VDC Director, McCarthy Building Companies
Jessica Novack, Project Manager, Windemuller
Neil Gordon, Virtual Design and Construction Manager, GenCap Construction Corp

12:00 pm Lunch Break

1:00 pm Myth-Busting: What Are the Most Successful Owner-Driven Collaborative Technologies & Applications of Digital Twins?

  • Tony Rinella Senior Director of Strategic Building Innovation, bimSCORE


• Demonstrating how owners drive and standardize secure, cloud-based collaboration within their projects, enabling the delivery of project models and data that are interoperable with facility and asset management repositories, and suitable as background information for projects focused on energy reduction, safety, and optimization

• Exploring how collaborative technologies have been fully leveraged throughout the building lifecycle by the GSA and private organizations in biotechnology, healthcare, and retail, by transforming their project delivery processes and driving innovation

• Underlining the practicalities of the digital twin as a collaborative tool: What exactly does a true digital twin look like and what is the additional functionality it provides facilities management teams?

• Understanding how owners must actively define performance expectations for digital deliverables with owner-focused technology innovation requirements, and use secure cloud environments for managing project documentation and maintain data integrity: How will architects, engineers, and contractors be impacted by these owner-driven technology initiatives?

2:30 pm The Future of BIM Panel: Can We Ever Move the Needle to Transition the Entire Industry to Contract with BIM?

  • Josh Molitor National Director of VDC, McCarthy Building Companies
  • Nathan Wood Executive Director, Construction Progress Coalition
  • Kristopher Dane VP & Director of Digital Design, Thornton Tomasetti


• Assessing the reality of the use of 2D and 3D in the industry today: What are the pitfalls and motivations that exist for the entire AEC industry to move towards a digital truth?

• Understanding the change in mindset, model structure, and design workflows that must occur for architects to ensure model fidelity

• Reviewing the main concerns and changes in liability preventing buy-in from each partner: How do we need to alter team culture, contracting, and investment to help teams take the leap of faith?

• Exploring how industry associations and groups can support implementation of the original BIM vision – a knowledge system from project inception through facility life cycle

3:10 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Nathan Wood Executive Director, Construction Progress Coalition

3:20 pm End of Focus Day