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Becoming a Change Agent

8:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Paul Doherty AIA, IFMA Fellow, DFC Senior Fellow , The Digit Group

8:10 am Keynote: Maximizing Your Role as a Technology Leader: How Can You Cement Innovation & Continuous Improvement in Your Company Culture?


  • Underlining the role of technology in the AEC firm of today and how to present technology as a core company driver of business success: How can we help teams see technology as the natural go to to help alleviate frustrations?
  • Assessing how technology leaders can be coaches of innovation and best inspire new ways of thinking, collaboration, and resilience to failure to maintain an openness to innovation from senior management through boots on the ground
  •  Discovering ways of cementing innovation and continuous improvement into the core culture of your company so that it becomes a natural expectation of all employees
  • Mapping out the Kiewit journey from establishing the innovation team, to maximizing our influence in the organization, to the next stage of our journey in aligning adoption and scale of technology and new initiatives

9:00 am Panel: Benchmarking Best Practices for Turning the Ship & Aligning Technology Adoption Throughout Your Organization


  • Benchmarking best practices to ensure standards and expectations are regularly updated and all employees engage with new standard operating procedures: How do we get the word out most effectively without overwhelming staff with constant change?
  •  Revealing ways to help communicate and reinforce innovations being made across the organization and embolden even the newest employees to be technology champions among their teams
  • Discussing how to best communicate the need for innovation at the right pace to all peers to not dampen excitement, but still ensure a level of caution that success will take time and patience

9:40 am The future of Construction: Platform, BIM and Connecting Teams


  • What is an integrated platform and how can it enable opportunities for the construction industry
  • How Procore’s platform and BIM solutions are evolving to help customers improve how they work
  • The power of connecting teams to improve productivity and project success

10:10 am Morning 1-2-1 Digital Networking

Track 1: BIM – From Design Through Construction
Making BIM a Success with the Entire Project Team

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Track 2: Innovation
Robotics, Automation & The Future of the Construction Jobsite

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10.40 Panel: Improving the Way We Curate, Share & Scale Best Practices & Process Innovation Across Our Organizations

Moderator: Sue Klawans, Principal, SK Lean
Kevin Kendellen, Construction Technology Manager, Riley Construction
Tony Sabat, Consultant/Advisor, Alkeme
Joe Quattrocchi, Director of Quality – Heavy Civil, The Walsh Group
Nick Bobbitt, VDC Manager, Virtual Design and Construction, Barton Malow Holdings


10.40 Exploring Novel Combinations of Robotics, 3D Printing & Automation to Deliver Innovative Construction Solutions

Amr Raafat, VP VDC & Technology, Windover Construction

11.20 Panel: Improving Design Hand-off from Architects to Contractors & Trades to Minimize Rework & Enhance Overall Team Efficiencies

Darren Roos, Corporate BIM & VDC Manager, Bernards

David Epps, Director of Construction Technology, Winter Construction


11.20 Panel: Which Trends Are Turning Heads Among Academics, Investors & the Industry That We Should Be Ready for in 2020 & Beyond?

Moderator: Nick Cameron, Director of Digital Practice, Perkins & Will
Kristopher Dane, VP & Director of Digital Design, Thornton Thomasetti
Dave Burns, Director of Innovation & Field Applications, McCarthy Building Companies
Lori Peery, Construction Technology Manager, Joeris General Contractors
Maria Aiolova, Americas Arup University Leader, Associate Principal, Arup


12:00 pm Lunch Break

1:00 pm Beyond Visualization: AR & VR in Construction

  • Jad Chalhoub Technology Solutions Implementation Specialist, Rosendin Electric


  • Exploring the latest advances being made with AR/VR software and hardware and how the improvements in these tools are
    helping streamline flow of information and expand the use of the technology on jobsites
  • Mapping out multiple use cases for the tools, workflows and integration being achieved with AR and mixed reality in the field to
  • Analyzing the accuracy with which each technology is supporting quality control checks and what more needs to be done to
    improve field efficiencies
  • Reviewing acceptance of AR and VR among field workers and how we can overcome reticence to explore the technology further


The Power of Advanced BIM Processes

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Transforming Field Efficiencies with Digitization

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1.40 Creating a High Trust Project Environment for Data Extraction, Usage, & Population with Adaptive Data Usage & Gap/Scope Modeling

Carl Goodiel, VDC Manager, Hensel Phelps

1.40 Case Study: Digitization of Document Management to Automate & Streamline Administration from Construction Through Close-out

Kelly Burke, Assistant Construction Technology Manager, The Walsh Group

2.20 Afternoon 1-2-1 Digital Networking

2:50 pm Finding a Way Forward: Sharing Lessons Learned from Covid-19 to Inform Your Future Technology Strategy

  • Paul Doherty AIA, IFMA Fellow, DFC Senior Fellow , The Digit Group

3:35 pm Q&A with Dan Nash

Pushing the Limits With BIM Workflows

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The Future of Technology Teams

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3.50 Revealing How Algorithmic Modelling Can Help Streamline Design & Production Workflows in House & Automate 2D Layout

Daniel Clarke, Technical Lead, Island Exteriors

3.50 Aligning Security With Business Innovation: Moving from Information Technology to Innovation Technology

Jeremy Sibert, Director of Technology, Hensel Phelps

Dustin Morris, Cybersecurity Manager, Hensel Phelps


4.30 Audience Discussion: Moving Towards a Single, Collaborative Model: What Does Each Party Need from BIM & How Can We Realize This Goal?

Led by: Paul Doherty, AIA, IFMA Fellow, DFC Senior Fellow, The Digit Group

4:40 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Day Two