Partnership Opportunities

Contractors are drowning in wave after wave of emerging technology. As a solution provider you may have the tool that provides the best functionality, is easier to use or simpler to integrate – but is the industry aware of it?

Our attendees are already looking to invest in cutting edge tools, so remember – they don’t want to just hear your elevator pitch. They want to hear case studies of how your tool has been used, play with a demo and really understand how your tool will support them. Hence, we limit the number of sponsorship opportunities to ensure each exhibitor has time to talk with each attendee in more detail.

We’ll create a custom sponsorship package around your needs, to ensure you walk away with the right contacts and our attendees walk away with everything they need to know about your tool. We focus on developing a small number of high-quality sponsorship opportunities, not just a room full of tables for collecting business cards.

Solutions that we expect will be of particular interest to our audience in 2020 include:

  • Collaboration & Communication Tools with the Field
  • Quality Control, Inspections & Punchlist Software
  • Augmented Reality Solutions
  • Drones & Mobile Scanners for Reality Capture
  • Cutting Edge VDC & BIM Solutions

Of course, there are other solutions to improving job site productivity – don’t hesitate to get in touch to learn more about our expected attendees and opportunities to meet them.

Sponsorship Opportunities

If you believe that your solution aligns with the design philosophy of the industry and you have a genuine case study to share, we are happy to discuss exhibition and sponsorship opportunities – just get in touch.


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Partnership Director – Construction

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